dijous, 16 d’abril de 2015


Now, we are going to learn about sports vocabulary. 
How many sports do you know?

How many types of sports can you say?

How many sports do you practice?

How often do you take exercise?

Which sport are you good at?

Which sport do you like most?

Why do you like it so much? Can you tell us something about its features?

How do you play or how do you do some sports?

Depending on the type of activity, we can use do, play and go to express it. Look at here  and here as well.

Here we have some exercises to do.

dimarts, 14 d’abril de 2015

Can and must.

CAN means the ability,  possibility and permission to do something.

MUST means necessity, obligation and certainty that something is true.

CAN´T  stands for lack of ability, lack of permission and the certainty that something is impossible.

MUSN'T stands for prohibition.

In this video and in this chart you can have the information about the modal verbs we are studying.

Pay attention to the pronunciation of CAN and CAN'T.

Here you have a lot of exercises  to practice the use of these two modal verbs; this page and this other