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Introducing yourself. II

Hi, I am Peter.  
I am English. I am from Scotland but now I  live in Madrid. 
I am seventeen years old. I live in Madrid with my parents and siblings. I have two brothers and a sister. 
I have a cousin in Scotland. He is an only child. He always write me e-mails  and we are in touch on the mobile phone.
I study in a public high school and I have many friends. 
I enjoy playing football with my friends at weekends. I love football and I am a Van Morrison fan.
What I like the most is going out with my friends and chatting with them on my mobile phone. I also like listening to music and watching films and TV series on the Internet. 
I do not like too much reading but sometimes I do it. I do my homework everyday and study to pass my exams. 
I do not like missing any lesson because then I have a lot of work to catch up with.
I do not like getting up early in the morning but, of course, I do it everyday. I like going to the school, being with my friends and learning to pass the final exams. My favorite subjects are English and History but I do not like Maths at all. 

How do you introduce yourself?  Make a composition about yourself, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, activities and things you like most.

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  1. Hello, I am Richard

    I am seventeen years old.

    I am Spanish. I am from Valencia.

    Valencia is very beatiful city in Spain.

    I live in Valencia with my family.

    I haven't any got sister and brother.

    I've got a dog, It's name is Odin.

    I am student. I am studying at I.E.S Serpis.

    I am studying the second years of P.C.P.I administrative.

    My favourite colours are yellow and black.

    I like walking with my friends.

    I don't like eating soup.

    I like drinking Monter and Red bull.

    1. Well done, Richard! Have a look: Valencia is a very...; I am a student...; I have'nt got any sister or brother.

  2. Hello, I am santiago

    I m Spanish frim valencia

    valencia is a beautisul city in Europa

    I live in Cabañal with my family

    I hava twenty brother.

    I am studen, I study at the P.C.P.I

  3. Santiago, have a look to this: from, I have, I am a student.

  4. Hello!!! My name is Adrian. Y am from Valencia in Spain. I am 16 years old. I am a student. I study in Serpis. I like playing the cornet. I don't like playing football. I don't like reading. My favorite color is orange. I've got two birds, one parakeet and one agapurni. I really like las fallas. I don't like vegetables. I like eating hamburguers and chips and drinking coca-cola.

  5. My name is Daniel Fernández. I am from Valencia and I live in Valencia. I speak Valenciá and Spanish and a little English. My hobbies are reading and runing. My favourite subjects are Ingles and Valenciá. My favourite music is pop and Hip-hop and I don't like rock and jazz. My favourite films are action and comedy and I don't like terror. I watch series sometimes. I go to the gym on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I study in I.E.S. Serpis. I study P.C.P.I. I use the public transport system. Sometimes I visit my city center. I am 17 years old.
    Physically, I am tall with brown hair and brown eyes. I like cooking and going to the school.

    1. Dani, pay attention to: running, English

  6. My name is Fran Gimenez.I am from valencia and i live in Valencia.I am seventeen years old. My favorite colors are red and blue. I am a student. I like swimming. My hobbyes are basketboll ans running. I have four dogs. I hate chipps. I don't like reading. My favorite numer is seven. Ilike babyes. My favorite subject is Information. My subject more difficult is English. I like walking with my friends. I have two cousins. I like playing the cornnet.

    1. Fran pay attention to: Valencia, I, hobbies, basketball, chips, number, I like babies, Computing,

  7. Hello! My name is Thais Ferrandis. I'm from Valencia and I live in Valencia in the Industria street.
    I'm sexteen years ole and I am studient in a high school in Valencia city, in the second curs of PCPI.
    I live with my mum and my brothers. I have two sisters and one brother. They are great!
    I love animals, I have four cats and one bird. I like listening to music and dancing. My hobbies are cycling, drawing and photography and my dream is to travel around the world. I hate monotony!
    I love to eat, but I don't line tuna.

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