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The adjectives give us much information about people and things. They are used to describe things, people, situations and actions.

They never change form: we do not add -s to form the plural.

They come before a noun.

They can be put after these verbs: to be, to look, to feel, to taste, to smell.

What does it/she/he look like?

This question is used to describe people and objects' physical appearance.

What is he/she like?

We are focusing now in describing personality.

Here you have many exercises to use adjectives when describing people and objects:

physical appearance opposite adjectives
adjectives for describing personality: opposite adjectives and more

Use this web site to select adjectives to describe a friend's appearance.

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  1. My girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the world .
    Her name is Rachel , she is fun , generous and very sincere .
    She is very lazy ,she loves to sleep a lot of hours ...
    She is nice person , sensitive and intelligent girl in general,she is fantastic!
    I could say more things , but i would not finish.

    1. Pay attention to: She is a nice person; an intelligent girl.
      Be careful with the commas.
      Very well!. Improving!

  2. My brother is the best brother in the world.
    His name is Pau, he is creative, intelligent and sincere.
    He is geneorus and frank with me.
    He's funny and friendly.

  3. My sister's name is Esther is 11 years.
    It is very nice, sympathetic, loving, good person
    She loves to sleep, study hard too, funny, intelligent.

    1. Pay attention: She is 11.....
      She is very nice.
      In the last sentence you cannot mix verbs and adjectives in the same structure.

  4. My name is Robert and I consider me a social person.
    Delivered to my friends and sympathetic with all people.
    My character is good but sometimes i get nervous.
    I get nervous easily if things are not going well, but always fight for everything.
    I am sensitive though my appearance not apparent, intelligent but sometimes very vague.

  5. I am generous.
    I am understanding with people.
    I am very sensitive to my family.
    I'm very impatient with school grades.

    1. Good description and good use of prepositions.

  6. I'm Juanjo and i am 18 years old.
    I consider myself very understanding and sometimes lazy and worried.
    I'm usually easy-going and very kind.
    My character is funny, truthfull.
    I am open to people.

  7. Pay attention: I am funny, truthful; your sentence seems as if you are talking about the character you play in a movie.

  8. 1- My Mother has a long and straight hair.
    2 -My Mother has rosy cheecks.
    3- My Mother has a happy face.
    4- My Mother hasn´t a false eyelashes.
    5- My Mother hasn´t a thick eyesbrows.
    6- My Mother has a small nose.
    7- My Mother has piggy eyes.
    8- My Mother has red eyes.
    9- My Mother has a medium neight.
    10- My Mother has a very very beatiful.

    1. Watch carefully: has not got false eyelashes, thick eyebrows. My mother is medium hight. My mother is beautiful.

  9. Cristian is a guy with the chubby face.
    Has freckles all over the body.
    He has long blond hair.
    He has a big nose and brown eyes.
    He has a complex because it has buckteeth.
    But he is very strong.

  10. Watch carefully:
    - with chubby face.
    - He has buckteeth.